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Asya Kozina - paperartist

Eve. Erotic Paper Art

he project started with the idea to combine the plasticity of the naked female body with the plastic..⟶

Asya Kozina - paperartist

Baroque punk

Specially commissioned by our friends ICART, we created a modern portrait of a rebel businessman...⟶

Baroque Paper Wigs — Asya Kozina

Baroque Paper Wigs

Historical wigs always fascinated me, especially the Baroque era. This is art for art’s sake aesthetics.⟶

Paper chess horses — Asya Kozina

Paper chess horses

Three paper horses I created for Wild Orchid company of underwear. These sculptures was made for ...⟶

Paper Shaman — Asya Kozina

Paper Shaman

This paper costume Asya Kozina created under strong impression from the indigenous art of Siberia....⟶


What the press says about me

What the European press writes about me

Most brides hope for sunshine on their wedding day, but if you’re wearing one of these dresses, you⟶

We’ve seen some weird and wonderful bridal trends in our time, but this has to be one of the most unique yet.⟶

Right in time for New York Fashion Week, stories about Russian artist, Asya Kozina, and her amazing paper wigs are surfacing all over the web⟶

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Проснувшись однажды утром после беспокойного сна, Грегор Замза обнаружил, что он у себя в постели превратился в страшное насекомое.

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