Date: September, 2022
Author: Asya Kozina

Photo: Yana Perova
Model: Olga Shava
MUA: Anna Shevchenko


I am Asya Kozina, a contemporary artist.

What is the home for me?

It is warm, welcoming, friendly, safe, reliable, ordinary, or whimsical… It is different as we are.

In the early twentieth century, the genius architect Vladyslav Horodetsky worked on the territory of Ukraine. His incredible buildings adorn only a few cities and villages of our state, but he became famous throughout the cultural world. I am lucky to live next to the masterpieces of Horodetsky and constantly admire harmony of proportions and lines of Art Nouveau style, in which the artist worked. But in his art there is a building, which has no analogues in the world architecture and doesn’t belong to any single style. It was created contrary to the laws of nature and technical means known at that time.

The street is over the cliff. The slopes are moving. So, none of the conscious builders was ready to agree to such job. But Horodetsky found assistants, realized his dream, and created a masterpiece with several levels and floors.

The house with the chimeras is a center of cultural and social events in the peacetime.

During the war it became a symbol of invincibility and resistance of the Ukrainian people.

Victory is the Ukrainian dream now and we bring it closer every minute all together.

Glory to Ukraine!

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