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Was born at 1984

Asya Kozina is a creative focused on exploring the possibilities of modern paper sculpture. Her interest as a professional artist lies in the field of cultural research, archiving and plastic expression of various historical, traditional and artistic representations. Unique and intricate designs require trying on, insisting on telling your story through limited edition photographs and prints.

The universal white paper is used not only as a tool, but also as a concept to help symbolize the historical process. The images of the Mongolian, African, Scythian, Venetian, Baroque, Modern cultures are easily recognizable and at the same time metaphorical. A paraphrase of the modern understanding of history as a set of events, cleared of the signs of epochs, but often filled with modern emotions and value judgments. Since then, the artist has left a blank paper surface to be eaten by the viewer’s perception.

Asya Kozina
Asya Kozina

The plain white sheet works have become the artist’s signature mark. Asya believe that white paper allows for them to accent form and conceal secondary details. All of their pieces are crafted by hand, each unique in its own right, never to be replicated. This individuality forms an opposition to multiplying media images created with the help of digital tools, a representation of modern visual culture. At first glance, one may suspect some of Kozin’s works to be graphically designed through digital means. Happily enough, these projects have been left unaltered by present-day technology, a true representation of craftsmanship.


1984, May 5born in the Dnepropetrovskaya Oblast, Ukraine
1999graduated from the Cherkassky Junior Art School
2009Zavtra.UA scholarship recipient from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Ukraine
2010graduated from the Khmelnitsy Cherkassky National University with a masters from the Visual and Decorative-Applied Art Faculty
2010winner of the Ukrainian Art Week international competition
2011lives and works in St. Petersburg
2020live and work in Cherkassy, Ukraine

Selected personal and group exhibitions

2016 — 2022commercial artworks for different companies in Italy, Norway, Germany, France, Russia and other
2022two artworks were selected for Homo Faber exhibition in Venice, the artworks were not sent due to the war. Italy
2020participant of the international exhibition «Marie Antuanet metomarphoses d’une image». Conciergerie, Paris, France
2019participant of the international exhibition «innovative costume of the XXI century: the next generation». State Historical Museum, Moskow, Russia
2019work for Dolce&Gabbana, Alta Moda, Italy
2019order for Doberlug Museum, Germany
2015participant in the archeo-art-project “Return to Yakh”, Surgut Art Musuem
2014Kuklandia. Summer group exhibition, Surgut Art Museum
2013Tatyana Kalinina Dolls’ House art gallery, Petrozavodsk
2013The III BUMPROM International Specialized Paper Art Exhibition, Moscow
2013Time of the Dolls International Doll and Teddy Bear Exhibition, St. Petersburg
2009participant in the Kingdom of Dolls and Evolution of New Year/Christmas Tree Decorations exhibitions, State Toy Museum, Kiev
2009a series of exhibitions in the towns of Cherkassy and Rovno
2008an exhibition within the framework of the II International Pottery Festival, Oposhna
2007«A Passion for White», the artist’s first personal exhibition, Cherkassy Works by the artist are held by: State Toy Museum (Kiev), Surgut Art Museum, Cherkassky Art Museum, Domodedovsky History-Art Museum


Author of the program of social and cultural adaptation in the Cherkasy region of internal displacement children during the russian military invasion of Ukraine in 2022
Organiser of the «Your Talents, Cherkassy», Cherkassy, Ukraine
Founder of the Gloria private children’s arts studio, teacher
Founder of the online art school, works with children from different countries
The versatile white paper is used not only as a tool, but also as a concept which helps to express the historical process in a symbolic fashion.
Asya Kozina
Asya Kozina