Mysterious flying dutchman


Date: July, 2021
Author: Asya Kozina

Photo: Yana Perova
Model: Ioanna Istomina (Iva Vinok), Ira Chembay
MUA: Anna Shevchenko
Video: Julia Mo

We’ll never find out the first man who attached a piece of leather to the pile and set off on long ocean journeys relying on the power of wind and his hands.
Centuries passed… the fates of individuals and the future of great states were decided by the wind, waves, and powerful sail. Each country that was closed to the great waters built its own armada.
They could show off latest technologies, the most expensive decorations, and the most barbarous weapon. The sailing ship became a symbol of big victories in Old World and incredible discoveries in New World.
The cruel romance of crazy corsairs is nearby the progress: countless treasures, enchanted maps, and many legends about incredible adventures. Gray antiquity always nearby in the findings of archaeologists is in the reports of divers and cinema. No matter how much time passes, each person is waiting for a meeting with a ghost of the mysterious Flying Dutchman.

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